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Sellar Richardson, P.C., represents claimants in a broad array of insurance coverage disputes. Our attorneys serve individuals, municipalities and other entities in third-party claims against insurance companies. We also represent insureds against insurers in first-party disputes. Our firm’s five lawyers have significant experience in the representation of insurance companies in litigation. Although we still represent insurance companies, a portion of our work in this field involves representing claimants, insureds and other parties in litigation against insurers. As a result, we understand insurance disputes from a variety of perspectives. This outlook, combined with our experience, represents a strong advantage to our clients.

Our lawyers have established a strong reputation for our representation in insurance coverage disputes. We frequently represent clients in complex and unique matters. If there is insurance coverage available to compensate you for your loss, you can be confident our law firm will locate it. If you have a problem with an insurance company, we will work to help you arrive at a favorable outcome.

Our Lawyers Will Always Be Ready To Go To Trial

Stated simply, our lawyers try cases. When an insurance claim is heavily disputed on both sides, there is no substitute for a lawyer who is willing and able to make a compelling presentation before a judge and jury. At Sellar Richardson, our attorneys take every case with the intention of taking it to trial. We have built a lengthy record of success representing both claimants and insurers in trial.

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