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Sellar Richardson, P.C., serves individuals and businesses across New Jersey in a wide range of legal areas. In every legal claim, we are fully committed to achieving our clients’ goals while offering a high level of personal service and attention. As a firm of five lawyers and one ABA certified paralegal, we can give every matter the attention it requires. We are tenacious, strategic litigators who are dedicated to accomplishing positive outcomes for our clients in a variety of fields, including:

  • Estate litigation : Our law firm represents executors, administrators and beneficiaries in estate litigation. We are adept at locating every source of potential compensation for beneficiaries, including probate bonds. Much of our work in estate litigation involves representing beneficiaries and bonding companies in probate bond litigation.
  • Fidelity and surety bonds : We represent municipalities in litigation involving fidelity bonds, or public official bonds. When public officials fail to complete their duties in accordance with the law, our law firm can seek compensation from the appropriate parties. Our law firm also represents bonding companies in this litigation.
  • Insurance claims disputes : Few law firms of our size can match our level of experience and skill in handling complex insurance coverage disputes. We represent claimants and insurance companies in these matters.
  • Insurance law : Our attorneys serve insurance claimants in a broad range of insurance disputes, including claims that are far outside the norm.

In addition to these areas, our law firm assists clients in general negligence claims, automobile negligence claims, construction litigation, tort claims, real estate and municipal court.

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