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The law firm of Sellar Richardson, P.C., represents beneficiaries, executors and administrators in estate litigation. Many times, estate litigation involves the culmination of long-standing disputes between family members. These disputes can become heated, and very personal. In every claim, know that our firm will provide efficient, tenacious representation.

Although disputes over a will or other estate document are relatively infrequent, they do occur. For instance, there can be questions over whether or not the deceased signed the will, or over other legal formalities. More often, estate litigation arises when beneficiaries allege that an executor wasted or spent estate assets. In these cases, it is vital to have a lawyer on your side with a comprehensive understanding of estate litigation.

Offering Strategic Representation In Probate Bond Litigation

In many cases, executors or administrators are required to post a bond in order to ensure that they comply with their fiduciary duties. Fiduciary duties include gathering the estate’s assets, paying creditors and other expenses, and distributing the remaining assets to intended beneficiaries. Probate bonds are often required when an estate has substantial assets. In many cases, executors may fail in their fiduciary duties and may waste or otherwise improperly allocate assets of the estate. When the executor fails in his or her duties, the probate bond can serve as a source of compensation for beneficiaries who do not receive their intended share of the estate.

Our attorneys regularly represent beneficiaries in litigation against bonding companies. We also have substantial experience representing probate bond companies. As a result, we have a complete perspective on how to serve clients in these claims. In New Jersey, probate courts can order “fee shifting” so one party will be required to pay the other party’s attorneys’ fees. If applicable, our law firm will request that the opposition pay your attorneys’ fees.

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